10.0MW permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbine

cut-in/rated wind speed(m/s):
Ambient temperature(℃):
Type of Generator:
Rated power (KW):
Pitch control:

<b>YZ150/10.0、YZ170/10.0、YZ190/10.0</b><br/> 3.0/13 2.5/12 2.5/11<br/> Normal tempt.-15~+45,Low tempt.-30~+45<br/> Permanent magnet direct-driving Composite cooling<br/> 10000KW<br/> Active pitch system control, driven by motor + reducer


  As clean energy status more and more highlighted, and the large demand of megawatt offshore wind farm, 10 MW permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines must be the direction of future research and development.

  10 MW wind turbines of Swiss Electric are in development, and for better adoption of the future development needs, Swiss Electric plans to roll out 150 m, 170 m and 190 m diameter series. This series of models represent the international wind power equipment of the most advanced technical level and the future development direction;

Outstanding advantages of wind turbines:

The wind turbines adopt permanent magnet direct-driving structure, which completely eliminates the hidden trouble existing in the speed gearbox; the reliability and lifespan can be substantially increased; without gearbox, there is no common easy breakdown existing in the gear and the oil leakage existing in the speed gearbox; Completely solves the problem that the lubricate oil of the gearbox needs to be heated in low temperature and to be cooled in high temperature.

The electricity can be normally generated under the breeze condition, between 1.8m/s-25m/s; adjust the electricity according to the wind speed the power output is controlled by the computer to assure the wind turbine is in the optimal condition; the generating capacity is 46% higher than the same types of other brand wind turbines; constant automatically adjust pitch and speed constant frequency and voltage. 
The unique structure with “outside stator, inside rotor” to elevate the protection level to IP54 and it can be operated stably under sandy storm and salty fog these kinds of severe environment.
Swiss Electric wind turbines adopt the best composite cooling method; its cooling performance is superior.
Generating does not need to live on the power grid. Instead, there is support ability for the accident fluctuation to ensure the quality and reliability of the electricity supply, efficiently avoiding the grid wild effect in the condition that some asynchronous and double fed generators are combined into the grid.
The permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines can not only run in parallel operation, but also generate electricity off-work. It can not only independently supply electricity for islands, frontier, deserts, pasturing area far away from the grid and the area without grid, but also make up the complementary power supply system with the combination of storage, diesel-electric and optical power. The leeside of blade is equipped with drain hole. The shape of drain hole is conic, outside big and inside small. The drain hole is equipped with check valve to avoid the entrance of rain, and can drain off the water from the blade.
Lightning protection class is the highest class-LPL1. And the lighting protection has passed GL certificate. Moreover, the lightning protection earthing wire connected by specially designed earthing device, not directly by rotor and bearing. So, the bearing will not be burned and the lubrication oil will not be carbonizing.
The wind turbines have the ability of Energy production forecasting and Remote control, and the energy production forecasting is automatically calculated by the control system.
The leeside of blade is equipped with drain hole. The shape of drain hole is conic, outside big and inside small. The drain hole is equipped with check valve to avoid the entrance of rain, and can drain off the water from the blade


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