Compared with similar enterprises and scientific research institution at home and abroad, the power generation technology of our permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines researched and developed independently with core technology and proprietary intellectual property rights is benefited from electromagnetic parameter design, motor structural design and structural mechanics distribution etc. of our permanent magnet direct-driving generator.

01.The wind turbines adopt permanent magnet direct-driving structure, which completely eliminates the hidden trouble existing in the speed gearbox; the reliability and lifespan can be substantially increased; without gearbox, there is no common easy breakdown existing in the gear and the oil leakage existing in the speed gearbox; Completely solves the problem that the lubricate oil of the gearbox needs to be heated in low temperature and to be cooled in high temperature.

02.The electricity can be normally generated under the breeze condition, between 1.8m/s-25m/s; adjust the electricity according to the wind speed the power output is controlled by the computer to assure the wind turbine is in the optimal condition; the generating capacity is 46% higher than the same types of other brand wind turbines; constant automatically adjust pitch and speed constant frequency and voltage;

03.The unique structure with “outside stator, inside rotor” to elevate the protection level to IP54 and it can be operated stably under sandy storm and salty fog these kinds of severe environment.
04.Swiss Electric wind turbines adopt the best composite cooling method; its cooling performance is superior.

05.Generating does not need to live on the power grid. Instead, there is support ability for the accident fluctuation to ensure the quality and reliability of the electricity supply, efficiently avoiding the grid wild effect in the condition that some asynchronous and double fed generators are combined into the grid.

06.The permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines can not only run in parallel operation, but also generate electricity off-work. It can not only independently supply electricity for islands, frontier, deserts, pasturing area far away from the grid and the area without grid, but also make up the complementary power supply system with the combination of storage, diesel-electric and optical power.

07.Lightning protection class is the highest class-LPL1. And the lighting protection has passed GL certificate. Moreover, the lightning protection earthing wire connected by specially designed earthing device, not directly by rotor and bearing. So, the bearing will not be burned and the lubrication oil will not be carbonizing.
08.wind turbines have the ability of Energy production forecasting and Remote control, and the energy production forecasting is automatically calculated by the control system.8
09.The leeside of blade is equipped with drain hole. The shape of drain hole is conic, outside big and inside small. The drain hole is equipped with check valve to avoid the entrance of rain, and can drain off the water from the blade.

Business solutions

1.Supply efficient wind turbines
Swiss Electric has a strong R&D team, who can according to different regional conditions and wind speed data, design and manufacture highly efficient permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines suitable for local climate environment. For example: in view of the island of damp climate, and the characteristics of the hurricane, improve the corrosion resistance in the design and the ability to resist hurricane. In view of the desert heat, and the characteristics of the sand, improve the ability of operating temperature and dust proof in the design. In view of the local wind speed conditions, optimal design the generator system to improve power generation efficiency
2.Undertake wind farm turnkey project
Swiss Electric can provide one-stop service for the customer from wind farm research, design, wind farm construction, installation, operational management of wind farm, to the technical personnel training. Relying on the own expertise and experience for many years Swiss Electric can provide a stable wind farm turnkey project for customers. The wind farms in the same area of the same capacity, the one which uses the wind turbines of Swiss Electric, its profits is twice of the other one which uses other brand wind turbines.
3.Supply permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbine generator
Supply permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbine generator which is the sole permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbine generator that obtain the GL Type Certificate.
4.Technology transfer
Swiss Electric now looks for the top of the world’s wind power equipment manufacturers who wants to exploiting market; or the manufacturer who has plenty of market resource wants to obtain the technology, certificates, supply and training support; or the owners who has plenty wind resource want to obtain high returns and low costs developing wind farm; or the enterprise and person with capital strength and market exploiting ability who want to seek cooperation; share the intellectual property with the cooperator; use together the certificates, patents, technology, craft and documents, and provide complete technology support including staff training.
5.Micro grid system
Swiss Electric can integrate the wind turbines and diesel generating set to a micro grid system. When the wind is strong enough, the control system will automatically reduce the diesel generating and the diesel cost. When the wind is weak or there is no wind, the control system will automatically increase the diesel generating to support the normal electricity usage.
6.Old wind farm modification
For some of the old wind farms, due to the backward technology, low efficiency, big maintenance costs, damage to the environment of noise and electromagnetic radiation, it already cannot satisfy the need of modern society. Swiss Electric can provide technical reform for such old wind farm in a state of off production or half off production. As much as possible to remain the existing transmission line, substation, foundation and the tower, improve the efficiency of wind farm, reduce maintenance costs, reduce environmental pollution, and let old wind farm renewal.

Measured annual availability

  • Availability 99.83%
    Shandong Ruiqieng Electric Co., Ltd. wind turbine utilization rate of 99.83%, ranked first.
    High utilization rate 99.83%
  • he maintenance cost is 66% lowerthan others'.
    According to the measured data of 6 years, maintenance cost of each wind turbines is 66% lower than other brands' wind turbines in the same area.
    Low maintenance cost 66%
  • Extended warranty service is up to 20 years
    Swiss Electric has been signed paid extended warranty service after the warranty with some owners, the period can be 20 years, and Swiss Electric can provide customers with the whole life cycle of operations management services.
    Extended insurance service 20years
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