Swiss Electric wins the Huadian phase II 48MW bidding

Recently, Shandong Swisselectric Co., Ltd. i won Huadian group Changyi Jiaolai River phase II wind farm project. The project totally purchases 24 sets 2.0 MW permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines.

In the public bidding, the competition was fierce. Most of the industry well-known enterprises at home and abroad attended the bidding, but through the strict material review and equipment performance assess, Swiss Electric with its reliable, high efficiency, saving of the permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines beat counterparts, won 24 sets of wind turbines and spare parts supply contract.

Swiss Electric wind turbines can be connected to the grid when the wind speed is 1.8 m/s, the key technical indicators are at the international leading level, and it is the only one permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbine to get the GL (2010) Type Certificate.

The regional annual average wind speed is 6.0 m/s, using Swiss Electric wind turbines standalone hours effective operation for 2498 hours, the entire project can realize annual output 120.8 million degrees, 15% higher than using the international famous brand wind turbines.


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