Swiss Electric gets 79MW wind project in Turkey

 -These days, SWISS ELECTRIC went to attend the Turkey International Electric Energy Exhibition, with its “3 High and 1 Low”(at the same wind farm, with the same rated power, using the same blades and tower)wind turbines—the sole manufacture in China has the independent intellectual property permanent magnet direct-driving wind turbines.

-At the Exhibition on the first day, SSE showed the customers the wind turbines running data with remote monitoring system, and introduced the technology route and technology advantages for the customers, which attracted a large number of the owner, investors, and energy professionals in the field of wind turbines. During the exhibition, SSE had in-depth communication and negotiation with five local Turkey energy companies. Finally SSE got a total of 12 planning wind farms and four distributed projects, total installed capacity of 79 MW EPC intention order.

-With the supporting of the policy ‘One Belt and One Road’ and the stimulation of Turkey market demand, SSE will cooperate and develop the project as quickly as it can to show the advantages of the Chinese wind turbine technology in Turkey markets and bring a high profit for the owners and as well as contribution to the globe energy structure adjustment and environment protection.


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